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Belize Weather

Weather in Belize
For many visitors, the weather in Belize comes as a bit of a shock as the climate is much different than you'll find in Canada or the United States. Instead of four seasons, Belize has just two, and they're both warm with abundant sunshine and ample humidity. 

There is no winter in Belize, which is a prime attraction for many visitors, but there's also no true "summer" with scorching hot temperatures. Instead, Belize has a "dry" season that runs from late November to May and a "green" season that runs from June until early November. Regardless of the season, the daytime temperature in Belize is usually in the low to upper 80s Fahrenheit (28-33 Celsius) and humidity levels around 85%. 

Starting in late November, the skies become very sunny and little rain falls. Temperatures are warm (80F/27C), and breezes keep the air feeling cool and refreshing. By February, Belize experiences its driest period with only occasional, short rain showers, and it only rains one day in three in March. 

Beginning in May, the "green" season begins with frequent rain, although most showers occur overnight or during the hottest part of the afternoon. The wettest month is September, but even then, it only rains around half of the days in the month. 

January Weather

Expert highs of around 80F and lows of 70F in the highest elevations. Rain is infrequent and mainly consisting of light showers. 

February  Weather

Expert highs of around 81F and lows of 71F in the highest elevations. Rain is extremely infrequent during this month. 

March Weather

Temperatures rise slightly to an average of 83F during the day and 74F at night. March is the driest month and sees only brief, scattered showers. 

April Weather

Temperatures continue to increase slightly to an average daytime high of 85F and a nighttime low of 76F. Rain is still very infrequent. 

May Weather

May is when the humidity picks up slightly and slightly heavier rains begin to fall. Expect daytime highs of 87F and nighttime lows of 78F. 

June Weather

June is a month of steady overnight showers. Daytime highs are around 86F and lows around 78F. 

July Weather

The weather is similar to June in almost every respect. 

August Weather

Temperatures reach their peak in August with daytime highs of around 86F and nighttime lows of 79F. 

September Weather

A month of intense overnight showers, September's highs are around 86F and lows of 77F. 

October Weather

Steady overnight rains continue with occasional strong storms. Expect a high of 84F and lows of 75F. 

November Weather

As the skies clear, November is a transition month. Expect highs of 82F and lows of 73F. 

December Weather

Although sunshine is abundant, December also sees abundant rainfall. Expect highs of just 80F and lows around 70F.
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