Belize Boutique Resort and Spa
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Dining in Belize - Nouveau Jungle Cuisine

In the heart of the Mayan Jungle of Belize is an oasis of refinement and decadence. A place where culinary boundaries and creativity are stretched and guests come to feel spoiled. A walk up the cobbled path to the resort’s open air lounge instantly relaxes you and transports you to a time and place where attention to details and exceptional customer service is a way of life.

In keeping with the predominant theme of wellness and rejuvenation, Belize Boutique Resort and Spa's eclectic tribal themed restaurant serves up a delicious assortment of gourmet meals made entirely of truly organic ingredients many of which are carefully brewed and cultivated on the premises to guarantee a crisp fresh flavour with every delectable bite! The restaurant is divided into three attractive and distinctive seating areas allowing guests the option of additional privacy as well as a choice of scenery. The ultra chic Birdcage Lounge is located adjacent to the main lobby and jungle bar exuding a hypnotic and cosy atmosphere accentuated by the soothing instrumental melodies and exotic aromas of the lobby lounge area, a perfect setting for a sensual night-time meal. Our dinner menu is pure decadence consisting of an elegantly presented three course meal with a choice of such delicacies as zesty pollo con queso, crusted smoked mackerel, and hearty beef carbonade just oozing with succulent flavour! The use of all natural ingredients and local free range meats makes this lavish banquet less of a guilty pleasure and more of a body quenching experience!

Belize Boutique Resort Belize & Spa Tree House dining.jpg

Breakfast and lunch are served in either the colourful and breezy garden patio or the neo tribal motif jungle treetop that provides a brilliant view of the well-landscaped grounds below. Both areas blend in harmoniously with the natural backdrop of vibrant tropical vegetation and a symphony of birdsong. Breakfast is served from 7.00 A.M. to 9.30 A.M. and boasts a nutritious menu inclusive of freshly picked local tropical fruits which are the key ingredients of the vibrant fruit platter and wide assortment of fresh fruit juices. Our delicious homemade fruit jellies compliment mouth-watering French toast and crepes adding a touch of European flair within tropical paradise. Finest locally blended coffees, our in-house special, delicately brewed pineapple hibiscus tea, and a choice of local eggs, from free range chickens, any way you like complete a fantastic Belizean breakfast guaranteed to boost your energy at the start of an action packed day!




Our scrumptious lunch menu which is available from 12:00 P.M. 3:00 P.M. is loaded with an array of highly nutritious yet tantalizing appetizers, enters, and deserts. Indeed, our wholesome homemade wheat breads, noodles, and mouth-watering chicken pate are full of all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to invigorate and promote a sense of wellness. Great attention has been paid to presentation as well as preparation as every tempting plate resembles a fine work of art with carefully crafted mango florets, colourful tropical salads and not forgetting the added touch of the sultry hibiscus flower. Our famous fruit based vinaigrette adds just the ideal zest to our luscious organic salads while our exotic mango pepper sauce contributes a vibrant burst of flavour to our fine lobster wraps, tangy kebobs, and sizzling brahma burgers. For a true Belizean dining experience try the local staple of rice and beans in fresh coconut milk harvested from our very own trees, delicious smoked chicken garnished with our famous Marubian salsa and crisp fried plantains. Complete your flavour-filled lunch with a taste of one of our decadent deserts which are also available as part of the dinner menu, again all homemade for that added freshness. Choices range from rich banana bread, key lime and coconut pies, to sinful chocolate mousse. For something a little lighter, try our refreshing Marubian sorbet or savour one of the enticing tropical flavours of our all natural local ice-cream.




Feast the senses in the evening with fine dining and cuisine in at Belize Boutique Resort & Spa. Jungle themed BirdCage Lounge features mouth watering jungle nouveau cuisine. Immerse yourself in Belize culture and food with dinner specials that change daily to add variety to the most discerning pallate. Honey mustard smoked gibnut, wild boar fricase, rolled venison steaks, curry goat, conch fritter (seasonal) and fresh black or red snapper right out of the Caribbean sea served with fresh home made noodles, curry yams, stir fry vegetables, potato tikis. Top off the evening delight with homemade cheesecake, banana flambe, and sour sap sorbet to name a few.  



Belize_bar_scene_Martini_night_at_luxury resort_and _spa.jpeg

Those that prefer to whet the appetite before meal-time can select from a wide variety of alcoholic drinks and cocktails available at our fully stocked bar open until 11:00 P.M. or 12:00 A.M. daily. Our spacious uniquely designed jungle style bar stools combine comfort with a primitive flair to provide a relaxing ambiance in which to unwind with friends and discuss the day’s experiences and activities. In addition to the best of imported spirits and liqueurs, the Resort also stocks a number of home-brewed concoctions ranging from the ever popular viper rum, the potent base of the famous Marubian rum punch to a series of alcohol based local bitters derived from medicinal plants from the neighbouring jungle and used to cure many common ailments.



Clearly, the unparalleled combination of elegantly presented world class cuisine comprised of all natural organic ingredients served in a serene ultra trendy setting encircled by the invigorating sights, smells, and sounds of the pristine jungle backdrop, not to mention the warm and attentive service has contributed to the Resort’s excellent reputation for both its accommodation and fine dining and cuisine facilities.


It's Not Just A Vacation!  It's An Experience!

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Belize Boutique Resort & Spa Music Written by MELONIE GILLETTWritten for Belize Boutique Resort & Spa by Singer/Songwriter MELONIE GILLETT
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